Climber Highlight

 Intrepid Crew on the Grand Teton Team Intrepid

Climbs The Grand Teton

Tim Melching and Charles Knowlton work for The Intrepid Group. They sought to experience an adventure and give to a worthy cause. Summiting a mountain that was beyond their individual means was exactly what they wanted.

What was your favorite part of the trip?

“Meeting the staff at BAWT and seeing the difference our fundraising efforts would make.”

What are you proud of accomplishing?

“Summiting a mountain that otherwise would have been beyond our ability. Raising such a large amount of money [over $12,000] for such a great cause.”

What motivated you to summit?

“The thrill of friends and family rallying behind you with financial and emotional support, and the pride you feel donating your time and efforts. Also the thrill you feel raising money and bragging to everyone you come across about the adventure you are about to set out on is exhilarating.”

Why should a company support its employees in this adventure?

“The benefits of a climb as a team-building exercise are phenomenal. Interested employees should ask if their company will allow them to do the fundraising trip without using their holidays (ours did) — and see if they’d match financial contributions to support the charity.”

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