What food should I bring?

On alpine climbs, you will need to bring food for snacks and lunches while on your adventure. All participants will have breakfast and dinner provided by their guide service while on trail.  If you have special dietary restrictions or needs, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can accommodate. Below is a general guide regarding what to bring for lunch.

Fast fuel

Carbohydrates are the main source of fuel for your body and are the easiest to digest, so they should be consumed during the active portions of the trip. Granola, dried fruits, crackers and whole grains are great sources of energy-providing carbohydrates.

Slow-burning fuel

Proteins and fats take more time to digest.  By consuming these slow-burning fuel sources in the evening, you’ll replenish calorie stores and stay warm during the night. Think protein bars, jerky, almond and even protein powders.


A wide variety of foods like spicy snacks, candy bars and hard candies will help you keep eating even when altitude or exhaustion decreases your appetite. The best way to a successful nutrition plan is to think about delicious foods that pack well and try them out during your training. While energy bars are a great source of nutrition, you shouldn’t rely on them as your only source of nourishment. Try out different things before the trip; it is better to go through trial and error before you start.

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