Training Tips

Training For Your Climb

The best way for you to increase your chance of summiting is to begin a regimen consisting of regular, strenuous cardiovascular exercise supplemented with strength training as soon as possible. In general, climbers usually begin to train for a climb of this type several months in advance, so the sooner you start, the better.

While we provide some general training information in our Training Plan that may be of assistance, climbers should not rely on BAWT or its personnel for particularized medical or training advice, especially if they have medical or health conditions. Rather, be sure to speak with your physician and trainer before beginning or modifying your workout regimen to ensure you are healthy enough to undertake specific physical activities.

For more detailed information on how to train, please download The CFK Training Plan

Please keep in mind that while training will be an essential part of getting you up the mountain, it will not be necessary to devote your life to training in order to enjoy your climb.

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