Group and Corporate Trips

Climbing for Kids (CFK) is a group and corporate adventure fundraising program that raises valuable resources for Bay Area Wilderness Training (BAWT), a local outdoor access group dedicated to getting youth into the wild areas of California. There are many ways for your group or company to get involved. Check out some options using the links below:

– Alpine Peaks: strive for the summit

– Backcountry Treks: explore the wilderness

– Build Your Own Adventure: pick your unique journey

More Ways Your Company Might Support Your Trip:

·         Matching Gift Programs – Double your donations from you and your coworkers

·         Company Support – Fundraise within your work network

·         Paid Time Off to Volunteer – Your company might allow you to take paid time off for your trip

·         Dollars for Doers Programs – Some Companies provide Donations for your hours of volunteer service

Benefits for Your Company and Your Career

·         Represent Your Company – Doing Good Work In the Community

·         Press Releases, LinkedIn articles, and Facebook articles

·         Internal Company Stories – Inspire your coworkers and gain recognition

·         Train and Live Healthy

·         Create a Lasting Bonding experience with your coworkers

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