Team AAA

We are Climbing for Kids!

We Need Your Help Raising Funds for Bay Area Wilderness Training.

Our team goal is to raise $16,000 for BAWT to Help Get Youth Outdoors! Please make a tax-deductible donation

BAWT is a small scrappy organization that is incredibly effective. For every $65 raised, BAWT will help 1 youth experience California’s wilderness.

    • $32.50 = 1/2 of the cost for BAWT to get 1 youth outdoors
    • $65 = Cost for BAWT to get 1 youth outdoors
    • $130 = Cost for BAWT to get 2 youth outdoors
    • $260 = Cost for BAWT to get 4 youth outdoors
    • $520 = Cost for BAWT to get 8 youth outdoors
    • $1040 = Cost for BAWT to get 16 youth outdoors


Bay Area Wilderness Training Helps Get Youth Outdoors!

Bay Area Wilderness Training’s (BAWT) mission is to create opportunities for youth from the San Francisco Bay Area to experience wilderness first hand. BAWT trains teachers and youth workers on how to safely lead youth trips into the wilderness and then provides free outdoor gear loans, financial support, and trip planning assistance.

Each year Bay Area Wilderness Training helps over 8,000 at‐risk and urban youth experience wilderness first hand through overnight camping or backpacking trips. BAWT believes that every child needs nature. Not just the ones of a certain economic class, culture, gender, or set of abilities. There are many tangible benefits when youth experience nature, including the improved health of the body, mind, and spirit.

Our Adventure

Four team members are going to climb 5,000 feet under the light of a full moon and ascend the famous cables that lead to summit of Yosemite National Park’s Half Dome (June 9th – 11th).

AAA Half DomeAAA Half Dome 2



Meet the Team of AAA Half Dome Adventurers

The team is composed of four coworkers from AAA’s insurance company CSAA IG.

Sophie OoSophie Oo

Nature has the power to heal one’s soul. And it has been healing mine since July 4, 2011, the very day of my first hike, which happened to be Mission peak in Fremont. Dragging my heavy body up one small step at a time, huffing and puffing to the peak, was very challenging and yet felt very rewarding afterward. Over the years hiking has been my “chicken soup for the soul” helping me getting through life. I’m doing this climb and raising money for BAWT because I’d like to Help Get Youth Outdoors to discover the beauty and restorative powers of nature, like I did.


Mika HirotaMika Hirota

Mika grew up in Japan and found “home” in California’s natural beauty. She enjoys exploring the outdoors and occasional physical challenges, e.g. triathlons and “Death Ride” cycling event. Mika has a passion for helping others and is motivated for this ascent of Half Dome to support BAWT in creating opportunities for kids in underserved communities and share with them the excitement of climbing their own mountains. Please join in Mika’s effort to raise funds and support this cause! Let’s Help Get Youth Outdoors.


PaulPaul McCaffrey

Paul moved to California from Columbus Ohio a year ago when he joined CSAA IG as the CFO and he has fully embraced the company spirit of giving back to the local community and creating opportunities for youth. Paul is very involved with Junior Achievement and now with BAWT. Paul is making his first trip to Yosemite. He is most excited about what we will accomplish as a team: watching the sunrise from the top of Half Dome and pursuing our challenging fundraising goal. Paul is not scared of heights but is not sure how he will feel as he ascends the cables near the top of the Dome, please make a contribution to help him have the motivation to make it to the top! Let’s Help Get Youth Outdoors.


David SheridanDavid Sheridan

David grew up in Texas camping with his family as a youth and has become an avid outdoorsman during his 15 years in California. David started as a volunteer with BAWT repairing gear and helping teachers and youth workers with free gear loans for their amazing youth camping trips. He was so impressed with how effective BAWT is at getting youth outdoors, he became a board member and is now BAWT’s treasurer. Because David knows how effective BAWT is and believes in its mission, he is reaching deep into his network to ask family, old friends, and coworkers help him achieve his fundraising goals. Please help him raise funds to Help Get Youth Outdoors!

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