Before embarking on a Climbing for Kids adventure, thoroughly read ALL the following policies. You may not register without first accepting all of the terms and conditions of the Climber Agreement Form. After you have filled out the online registration form, press “Submit my Registration” at the bottom of the webpage. Once you are registered you will need to send your signed climber agreement form via fax, e-mail or regular mail to BAWT within two weeks to reserve your space. Then you can start training, fundraising and planning for your adventure up one of the most amazing mountains in America.

Note: All registrations are subject to BAWT approval.

Fundraising Deadline

You must complete all fundraising 30 days prior to your climb date. If you do not meet the total by this date, you will be charged the balance of your fundraising requirement. Additionally, BAWT requires that 50% of the total minimum fundraising goal be completed 60 days prior to your climb date. You have until 30 days after your climb to continue raising funds, at which point you may be eligible for a deposit refund (see below). If you do not meet these totals by the dates associated with your climb, you will be charged the balance equivalent.

Note: These deadlines are meant to be helpful to climbers, to ensure that fundraising is not left until the last minute. See the FAQ section for more details.

Deposit Requirement

Your climb might require a deposit. If so, this deposit is required to unofficially hold your space on the mountain until we receive your signed Climber Agreement Form. Upon BAWT’s receipt of both the deposit and signed forms, your space will be officially reserved. The deposit will be held until completion of your fundraising requirement.

Deposit Refund

While many climbers elect to donate their deposit to BAWT to help get even more kids outdoors, you may choose, if eligible, to be refunded your deposit. Your initial deposit will be credited toward your fundraising requirement. Every dollar you raise above your fundraising requirement up to the amount of deposits/payments will be refundable 30 days after your climb.

Suppose you plan to climb Mount Rainier and your fundraising requirement is $3,800. Including your $250 deposit,
  •  if you raise a total of $4,050 or more, you would be eligible for a refund of your entire deposit.
  •  if you raise a total of $3,850, you would be eligible for a refund of $50.
  • if you raise a total of $3,800, you would not be eligible for a refund.
Refund/Cancellation Policy

Once you have submitted the online registration form and made your $250 deposit, the deposit is held unless you choose to continue fundraising past your goal. Once you have registered and signed the Climber Agreement, you are obligated to complete your fundraising requirement regardless of your participation in the climb. If you cancel for any reason prior to the fulfillment of your fundraising requirement, your credit card will be charged the balance due at the time of cancellation. We cannot make exceptions for any reason.

An important note about this policy:

We depend on climber-driven fundraising to help us generate the funds that get thousands of kids outdoors every year. We offer support to every climber that registers and we are unable to divert those resources away from supporting each individual climber in order to fill spaces that reopen due to cancellations.  Essentially, it is this policy that makes the program viable for BAWT, helping us to fulfill our mission to get youth outdoors.

Gear Package

Your gear will be provided to you when you complete your fundraising requirement, and no later than 30 days in advance of your climb at the time of your fundraising deadline. We will do our best to ensure proper sizing of gear but reserve the right to change the gear package and substitute styles per availability.

Some technical gear will be provided on loan by the guide service as part of your climb package. You may read more about that here. Any gear that is necessary for your trip and that is not provided either as part of the gear package or on-loan from the guide service is your responsibility to provide. All of these items are clearly outlined in the Orientation Packet, which you will receive upon registration.


You will be responsible for providing some of your own food during your trip. See your Orientation Packet for more detailed information regarding the food on your climb.

Tipping Your Guides

Your guides are experts in a very specialized set of skills. Their job is to keep you safe on the mountain, and if possible, help you achieve the summit. One thing they are not is well paid. It is customary to tip the guides 10% to 20% of the commercial value of your trip. You should plan to spend about $100 tipping your guide(s).

Travel and Lodging

You are responsible for providing your own transportation to and from the mountain and lodging for your first night. To arrange carpools and group lodging/camping, ask BAWT staff for the contact information of other climbers participating with you on your climb date.

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